low prices push Kenyan farmers to hooking

Avocado farmers turn to Street Hooking for better prices

Kenya experienced a shortage of avocados in the first quarter of 2024. This was caused by extreme weather changes that delayed flowering and fruiting. This pushed local prices for avocado high up to Ksh. 70 per size 12 avocado.

Maturity began in the second quarter of 2024 increasing market supply. This increase combined with tax reforms on farmers has reduced the number of willing buyers. Only a few farmers meet the tax requirement; the majority opt to sell to informal brokers.

These changes have pushed prices down below Ksh.1 per fruit. Don’t forget Even with low prices, getting a serious buyer is a challenge. Given the perishability of avocados, farmers have turned to hooking their yield directly to consumers for a better price.

This is frustrating given the level of inputs farmers have invested in protecting the tree against pests and diseases, feeding and management.

Honestly, farmers are just making losses.

Hass avocado farming intensified in 2017 through the promotion of county governments. We then asked, “What will happen to the avocado market upon maturity 5 years to come (2023-2024)?”

We foresaw a situation that flooded the avocado market—a market with poor prices and unable to absorb total avocado production.

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The idea by county governments was good but lacked a plan to absorb any surplus and caution farmers from low prices.

Creations of the export market are required in future in avocado-growing regions. Provision of government incentives to cation farmers against total losses is required.

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