Best fungicide for potato blight

Best fungicides for potato late blight |Potato farming in Kenya

Potato farmers, are you worried about late blight this rainy season? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Check out our list of the best fungicides to protect your potatoes and keep them healthy.

The early preventive application of fungicide is the best way to avoid total crop failure in potato farming due to late blight.

The best fungicides for potato late blight are;

  1. Infinito
  2. Redomil Gold
  3. Trinity Gold 452WP
  4. Pyramid 700WP
  5. Mistress 72W

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1. Infinito

Infinito gives you control of all stages of the blight life cycle, as well as providing long-lasting control of foliar and tuber blight in order to maximise yields in your potato crop.

Active ingridients; 62.5 g/L fluopicolide + 625 g/L propamocarb hydrochloride

2.Redomil Gold

RIDOMIL GOLD® MZ 68 WG is a leading fungicide for controlling important diseases caused by the Oomycete fungi.

Active ingredients; Metalaxyl-M 40g/Kg, Mancozeb 640g/Kg

It is a good fungicide for controlling late blight in potatoes.

Application Rate: 2.5 g per litre of water

3. Trinity Gold 452WP

Trinity Gold® 452WP is a highly effective protectant and systemic fungicide/bactericide which prevents fungal and bacterial infection on a wide range of diseases on various edible and ornamental crops.

Active Ingredient(s): Copper Oxychloride 290 g/kg, Cymoxanil 42 g/kg, Mancozeb 120 g/kg

Application Rate: 2.5-3.0 g per litre of water

4. Pyramid 700WP

Pyramid® 700WP is a systemic and contact fungicide with a protective and curative activity against a wide range of diseases such as late blight in various agricultural crops like potatoes.

It is rapidly absorbed by leaves and roots with acropetal and basipetal translocation.

Active Ingredient(s): Fosetyl Aluminium 300g/kg, Mancozeb 400g/kg

Application Rate: 2.5 – 3 g per litre of water

5. Mistress 72WP

Mistress 72 is a broad-spectrum unique fungicide formulation containing a mixture of both systemic and contact fungicides thus providing outstanding control of diseases such as blights, downy mildew, and purple blotch on a variety of crops.

It ensures durable protection of the target plants during periods of active growth.


Infinito. Redomil Gold, Trinity Gold 452WP, Pyramid 700WP AND MISTRESS 72WP are the best fungicides for potato late blight.

Before application, the farmer should read the product label for detailed guidelines. Farmers should observe Strict adherence to the recommended rate.

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