Best spinach varieties in Kenya

In vegetable farming, having a fast-growing variety means more income in a short period of time mostly less than 45 days from transplanting.

Farming the most consumed vegetable, spinach has generated massive income for small-scale farmers in Kenya.

However, in a world flooded by many varieties, getting a good fast-growing variety has turned nightmare.

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Though all common spinach varieties in Kenya are Ford hook giant there is a huge variance in colour, taste and growth rate from various seed companies

Best spinach varieties in Kenya;

  1. East Africa seeds spinach
  2. Stark aryes spinach
  3. Simlaw seeds spinach
  4. Royal seed spinach
  5. Utravetis spinach

East Africa seeds’ spinach

Spinach varieties in kenya
East Africa seeds spinach

East Africa spinach has continued to dominate the Kenyan market due to;

  • It is a tall, vigorously growing sturdy variety.
  • East Africa spinach produces only leaves and is mostly popular in home gardens or at fresh markets.
  • It has large leaves which are broad, dark glossy green and heavily crumpled with white thick succulent midribs.

Stark Aryes’s spinach

  • A vigorous plant with excellent dark green leaves and white stem.
  • It is a high-yielding variety with a faster growth rate which is good for the mass market.

Simlaw seeds spinach

  • Simlaw Seeds Fordhook Giant is a faster-growing Swiss chard variety. It has white petioles with large, semi-savoy, green leaves.

Royal seed spinach

  • Very good producer and heat-resistant
  • Plant Height: 65 cm
  • it has Very dark green colour leaves
  • Leaves are large and heavily crumpled
  • Maturity: 60 – 70 days from transplanting

Utravetis spinach

  • The leaves are very dark green in colour which is heavily crumpled, with a wide and white stalk
  • It has a long harvesting period
  • Grows vigorously
  • Yield potential is 6Tons per acre
  • Matures in 45-60days


For a better growth rate, bigger spinach leaves, and a long harvesting period; planting them with sufficient farmyard manure with frequent watering is recommended.

The best spinach varieties in Kenya are East Africa seeds spinach, stark aryes spinach, simlaw seeds spinach, Royal seeds spinach and Utravetis spinach.                                                      

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