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How farmers are evading the high cost of maize seeds

Farmers in regions that experience two maize crop seasons annually are currently preparing to sow their crops.

However, many are facing challenges due to the high prices of maize seeds.

These prices have escalated by a minimum of 12% from the previous season, prompting some farmers to resort to dressing their harvested maize seeds with insecticides and replanting them, despite the practice being discouraged.

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The early onset of rains has compelled farmers to plant earlier than usual, further depleting the already meagre seed stocks.

Farmworx agricultural consultants
Farmworx agricultural consultants

Most seed varieties are out of stock in agrovets, and the available hybrid maize varieties are retailing at exorbitant prices of between Kes700 and Kes 1000.

Additionally, DAP fertilizer is also costly, and there is a possibility that fuel costs may push prices even higher.

Nevertheless, planting new varieties is the most effective way to ensure a higher yield.

Waiting for prices to decline is an unreliable strategy; therefore, farmers should purchase and plant their seeds currently.

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