Maize planted with fake fertilizer turns yellow

Maize Planted With Fake Fertilizer Turn Yellow;How to Remedy

Maize farmers in the food basket county of Uasin Gishu lament maize planted with the fake fertilizer is turning yellow while others are failing to germinate.

The planting fertilizer used had stones, goats, donkey manure and other elements. The fear with most farmers is that their yield this year may decline.

Yellow discolouration in maize plants is a sign of nitrogen deficiency. Planting with low-nitrogen fertilizers and flooding are major causes of nitrogen deficiency.

Poor seed germination in maize is commonly caused by fertilizer scorching when the two come into contact.

maize planted with fertilizer turn yellow

Immediate intervention

At knee-high chances of the ungerminated seed germinating is minimal. The best intermediate intervention is topdressing with DAP 18.46.0 or NPK 23.23.0. Additionally, farmers can spray with high phosphorus and nitrogen foliar fertilizers.

Farmers should consider insecticide spraying as well to control the Fall armyworm which attacks maize at knee-high stage.

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