Best month to plant onions in kenya

The best months to plant onions in Kenya and why

When it comes to planting onions in Kenya, timing is everything.

Unfortunately, onion prices have been on the rise due to farmers shifting to other crops such as tomatoes, capsicum, and cabbage farming after incurring huge losses in previous years.

Despite the importance of timing, market prices tend to fluctuate quickly due to imports from Tanzania, Uganda, and Ethiopia.

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To maximize profit, farmers should focus on producing high-quality bulbs that attract buyers, regardless of market supply.

The best months to plant onions in Kenya are February and May.

This timing allows for harvesting in April-May and August-September, respectively, during the long rain period.

Sufficient water is available to support good bulb growth during this time.

Farmers can save on production costs by raising their onion seedlings in January and April for planting in February and May, respectively.

Although many farmers prefer to plant in October for a December-January harvest when imports are low, local production has increased supply, keeping prices low.

Therefore, planting in February and May is key to profitable onion farming in Kenya.

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