Best month to plant cabbages

The only best months to plant cabbages in Kenya

When it comes to planting cabbages in Kenya, the market for this crop is quite volatile, with prices that can change overnight, especially during rainy seasons.

This makes cabbages a complicated crop, as it’s hard to predict price changes despite high demand.

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To minimize risks, farmers should plant cabbages with the aim of harvesting them in the driest months of the year.

Specifically, November and February are the best months for planting cabbages in Kenya.

Cabbages planted in November are usually harvested in February when the demand is high due to the scarcity of indigenous vegetables like kale.

During wet months, indigenous vegetables are always available in plenty, reducing the demand for cabbages.

It’s during these months that most farmers sell cabbages for less than Ksh 5 per head, while others turn them into animal feed for lack of a market.

To get high-quality cabbages that attract good market prices during dry seasons, farmers should plant hybrid varieties such as Kiboko or Kilimo, top-dress them promptly with fertilizers, and control pests like the Diamondback moth DBM early.

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