How cow mattresses kills cows

This is how cow mattresses kill cows in seconds

Zero-grazing dairy farming has evolved from simple structures to mega structures worth millions of shillings.

However, many farmers are unknowingly doing things wrong, leading to the death of cows within the first year.

The main issue is cow comfort, which is where farmers are failing most.

Farmers are rushing to use cow mattresses in the sleeping areas to improve comfortability, but this is causing more harm than good.

The hard surface of the cow mattress creates a huge impact on the animals’ knees, causing pain which subsequently leads to lameness and reduces milk production.

If the surface is not levelled well, the urine stagnates leading to burns and mastitis. This is the main cause of mastitis and lameness on most farms.

Furthermore, the uncomfortable sleeping area creates standing cows, who fear sleeping due to discomfort. Standing cows use a lot of energy, leading to reduced milk production.

To create the most comfortable sleeping area for cows, farmers should avoid cementing or adding cabrios on the sleeping area.

Instead, they should add well-compacted murram soil with a layer of sawdust.

This creates a clean dairy cow that sleeps better and preserves more energy for milk production.

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A comfortable sleeping area should be such that the farmer can drop their knees five times without hurting.

In conclusion, cow mattresses do not improve cow comfort and cause lameness, mastitis, reduced milk production, and long-term death.

Farmers should prioritize cow comfort by creating a comfortable sleeping area that is both clean and well-leveled. This will lead to happier, healthier cows and more milk production.

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