Nyota F1 Tomato

What Sets Nyota F1 Tomato Apart? An In-Depth Review


The Nyota F1 tomato is a hybrid determinate tomato. It has attractive firm oval-shaped fruits with firm skin which extends its post-harvest shelf life.

Nyota F1 tomato
Nyota F1 tomato

Nyota F1 is a high yielder with an average of 100-110 grams of fruit weight. The maturity of Nyota F1 tomato is 70-75 days from transplanting depending on weather changes.

It is resistant to Tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV)—a tomato-infecting plant virus transmitted by whitefly Bemisia tabaci.

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It is also resistant to bacterial wilt of tomatoes caused by R. solanacearum showing wilting of foliage and stunting of plant. 

Nyota F1 is a vigorous and widely adaptable tomato variety from simlaw seeds.

It is available in 50seeds,5g,10g,25g and 25g pack sizes.

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