Best feeds for cows to increase milk

Best feeds for cows to increase milk

In dairy farming, the only time to make a profit is when having sustainable high milk production per cow per day.

Unfortunately, most dairy farmers in Kenya are operating below 5 litres per cow per day which is a loss.

Low milk production is mainly caused by feeding with poor quality feeds that cannot increase milk but instead reduce it.

The best feed for more milk

The best feed for cows to increase milk is maize silage, millet silage, high-yield dairy meal, protein fodder and clean water.

Protein is the main nutrient component responsible for increased milk production.

A good Maize and millet silage should contain at least 18% crude protein and be of good quality. 

Rotten silage with moulds contains aflatoxins which inhibit milk production and in the worst cases may cause miscarriages and mortalities.

The quality of most dairy meals in the Kenyan market is poor and cannot increase milk in cows. The best dairy meal is own formulated at home.

Own-made dairy meal has shown an increase in milk production by at least 10% per day. You can order high-dairy meal formulation formulae from our agronomists on 0736906472.

Dairy meals can be supplemented with high protein fodders such as dry sweet potato veins, alfalfa, lucerne, and desmodium.

Protein supplements such as cotton seedcake, sunflower seedcake, fish meal, Omena milled, canola and soya boost milk production.

For a cow to increase milk production it must drink enough clean water per day. Over 90% of milk is water. This explains why cows tend to reduce milk production in cold months especially March to July when we its cold.

An increase in milk will only be possible on cows that are 6 months or below after calving down, and in good health (free of mastitis).


These feeds may not increase milk on cows over 1 year after calving down.


Maize and millet silage, high-yield dairy meal, protein fodders, protein supplements and clean water are the best feed for cows to increase milk.

These feeds will only increase milk on cows below 6 months of calving down and of good health.

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