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Farmers, its bad feeding chickens with ARVs to boost growth!

As the cost of chicken feeds continues to rise, farmers are turning to more peculiar methods of boosting the general weight of the chicken. Most of the methods are unethical and has harmful effects on the human being.

Chicken farmers have turned to feed chickens antiretroviral ARVS drugs to boost and fasten the growth of the chicken’s muscles.

Farmers stop feeding chickens with ARVS
ARVS drugs

These are drugs used to reduce the amount of HIV in humans.

Research shows that the abuse of this drug is causing anti-microbial resistance (AMR) which is affecting the health of humans and animals.

AMR occurs when germs that cause diseases or infections in humans and animals become resistant to antimicrobial medicines used for treatment.

The most unfortunate thing is that most buyers prefer the huge cheap chickens as compared to those that have been natured in the correct way and have a standard weight.

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We answer the question; How safe is our food?

Are there good chickens in the market? Yes! But unfortunately cost slightly higher than the others.

Government should intervene to subsidize the cost of feeds as well as introduce regulatory measures through public health to ensure that every chicken meat and food that gets into the market is safe for human consumption.   

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