How to get good profit in lo seasons

How to get a good profit margin in low seasons

Every agricultural product has its high season and low season. In the high season, the prices are high and rising while in the low season prices are low and falling. Farmers mastering this art can help them mitigate price risks.

This is a must if the farmer has to produce sustainably.

This is only possible if the farmer cuts costs from the start of production. Apply early pest prevention measures, substituting fertilizers with manure and minimizing waste are some of the factors in lowering costs.

If your harvesting coincides with the others, try as much as possible to ensure you have high-quality products in large quantities that will enable you to bargain the prices.

Have a network of loyal buyers. Be loyal to your buyer in high season so that they will be loyal to you in low seasons. This way you will avoid losing your products due to a lack of markets.

Except for the instances of highly perishable crops, as a farmer, it’s good to consider constructing a storage facility with good conditions. This will enable you to store your excess produce waiting for a rise in prices.

The cost of storage should be as minimal as possible.

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