Rosecoco beans farming

How to Harvest over 10bags of famous Rosecoco beans per acre

When it comes to bean farming, Rosecoco beans are the number one choice of farmers. They are loved for their rich taste and appearance and have wider market acceptability. Rosecoco beans are the most consumed beans in Kenya.

What are Rosecoco beans?

Rosecoco beans are a type of legume characterized by a creamy texture and slightly nutty flavour.

You might be wondering how you can distinguish rosecoco beans from others. Rosecoco beans have a creamy white or beige base colour with brown streaks or spots.

They also have a medium-sized oval shape, which becomes creamy and soft when cooked.

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How to plant Rosecoco beans

Rosecoco beans do well in sandy loam soils. Although the farm should be fertile, beans tend not to do well in highly fertile soils. Highly fertile soils facilitate high foliage in beans, lowering flowering and plodding.

It is also not recommended to plant using high nitrogen fertilizers such as DAP or NPK 23.23.0. Instead, top dress with NPK 17.17.17 45 days after sowing.
Boron-rich foliar fertilizers can also be applied 30 days from sowing to prevent flower and fruit abortion.

Best spacing

When planting rosecoco beans, the best spacing is 45 cm between the plants and 10 cm apart. You can plant through holes or furrows or use a planter in large-scale farms. The common seed rate per acre is 30kgs per acre.

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Rosecoco does well when planted singly or intercropped with maize. When intercropped with maize, both beans and maize are planted in one hole, which eases manual weeding.

However, in cases where the farmer intends to use selective herbicides in weeding, planting singly is recommended. Some of the herbicides used include Beans Clean 480 SL and Mr bean plus 480 SL.

Smaller spacing is not recommended, as it facilitates risks of fungal diseases.

Common bean diseases

Bean rust
Bean Rust

Bean rust is a common disease. Farmers can identify bean rust through rust-coloured spots on leaves, stems, and pods. Applying fungicides early can help to control them.

Under this good management, a farmer can yield to 8-10 90kg bags.Rosecoco beans takes 75-90 days to mature. The price of a kg of Rosecoco beans ranges between ksh. 100-150.

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