A one minute guide on successful spinach farming 2023

Spinach is a supplement to most indigenous vegetables in Kenya. Most young people which form an average of 70% of the total population are changing their eating habits, fewer animal proteins, and more vegetables.

This change has brought more demand for spinach farming which not only is a supplement but also blends with most meals.

Is spinach farming profitable?

Spinach farming is very profitable with high in dry seasons where a kilo can sell up to Kes 40. In the rainy season, prices may fall to Kes 15 minimum due o low demand.

The question of health and traceability remains a key concern to most consumers. Can one produce enough safe spinach in your kitchen garden for your family? How much can this cost? This article is a step-by-step guide to spinach farming.

Spinach farming

Carry out both primary and secondary ploughing.

What is the right Spacing in spinach farming?

Observe a spacing of 30cm by 30cm at least or 45cm by 45 cm at most.

How to Plant and manage spinach?
Take a look at How we planted o this spinach. A VERY SIMPLE FARM

Add as much farm yard manure as possible, water and mix well with the soil. Farmyard manure improves soil fertility which increases growth rate.

Drench with 10ml of thunder in 20l of water to kill all cutworms that may be in the soil

How to make money in spinach farming
Spinach seedlings

Transplant the spinach seedlings that you have raised or outsourced. learn how to raise seedlings effectively in this article How Do I Raise Seedlings Successfully?

spinach planting
spinach planting

Top dress with DAP fertilizer on the 7th day. At this stage, the roots will be well-developed and ready to absorb nutrients. Nitrogen and Phosphorus in DAP fertilizer are leached easily in the soil and therefore may not be of big help if applied immediately during transplanting.

On the 14th day, topdress with urea to increase the vegetative growth. You can also topdress with biogas waste.

At this stage spraying with fermented 100ml in 20l of water of fermented cows’ urine can act as a foliar feed and insecticide as well.

It is also advisable to spray 10ml of score in 20 l of water to prevent black spot infection. Black spot infection has no cure and affects the quality of leaves lowering quality.

How long does it take to grow spinach?

Spinach under good management grows very fast with first harvesting expected from the 35th-45th day. Before harvesting always ensure you observe the proper post-harvest interval(PHI) for healthy produce.

How many times can spinach be harvested?

Spinach can be harvested for up to 3 months continuously. Harvesting is done twice a week. Topdressing with Urea or DAP is then done after every two weeks. These are the most effective fertilizers as they have high levels of nitrogen which is necessary for faster leaf growth.

Ready spinach for harvesting
Spinach almost ready for harvesting

Why farm spinach?

Requires small land and capital: With a small land size of 4m by 4m and a capital of one thousand Kenyan shillings plus the knowledge of this article, one can produce enough spinach for a family of four.

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