Best onion variety

What makes the most preferred onion variety

There are many factors that a farmer has to consider when selecting the best onion variety. These are factors that buyers and consumers look at before buying.

They include shape, colour, pungency and perishability. For the farmer, he has to consider the maturity period and feeding.

African Red has stood as the most preferred variety among farmers due to its appealing traits that both the consumer and the farmer wants. Read Also: The most economic stage of controlling bulb onion thrips

Characteristics of African red onion

Best onion variety
African Red Onion variety
  • Produces onions with a flat globe shape
  • Has uniform red coloured bulbs
  • Depending on feeding and spacing it can produce onions with a 3-6cm diameter and a yield of up to 25 tons
  • Has a maturity of 90 days
  • Does not sprout and has high bolting tolerance
  • African red is not such a heavy feeder compared to other varieties.
  • Does well in most soils and in warm and cold regions.
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