Crops with good profit in this dry season

Most of the country is dry and rivers and crops have started drying due to high temperatures. Market absorption is slow with most agricultural products reaching the market fetching low prices. All the same, some agricultural products are still fetching reasonable prices in the market.

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The majority of these crops are the three months products grown through irrigation. Their short supply from small-scale farmers who produce them has pushed the prices so high in the market.

The Gainers

These are vegetables consumed daily in every home.

Coriander (dhania), kales, spinach, indigenous vegetables like managu, Terere, saga, and kunde (cow peas leaves) and cabbages demand and prices have continued to increase, unlike other products whose prices are falling.

A kilo of cabbage for instance has increased from kes 10 in December to KES 3O in February 2022. The rest prices have doubled. For retailers who sell in bunches have reduced bunch sizes to retain their customers.

Planted spinach

This is expected to continue until it rains.

How to grow them

These vegetables tend to grow very fast once planted in fertile soils and often irrigated, especially in dry seasons. Spraying is also required to control pests and diseases, especially aphids and blight.

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After planting and two weeks of harvesting, topdressing with fertilizers is required for continuous production. Harvesting starts from 30 days to 90 days depending on the variety grown.

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