Broccoli farming

How to grow broccoli successfully in Kenya 2023

The demand for broccoli has been on the rise in the past few years. The consumption rate has increased and so has the demand. As to this more and more farmers are getting into broccoli farming for both commercial and home consumption.

Broccoli does well in deep fertile loam soils with good is advisable to always carry out a soil analysis to determine soil fertility.

Hybrid varieties produce good big broccoli that weigh more than open-pollinated varieties. Like kales, spray the seedlings with Redomil gold fungicides on the eve of transplanting to prevent dumping off.

Broccoli crops almost forming heads
Planting broccoli

Planting is done on holes with manure and a spacing of 45cm by 45 cm. Drenching is done with thunder insecticides immediately to kill any cutworms.

Topdressing with DAP fertilizer on the 10th day after transplanting boosts root development and hence crop growth. The soil should always be moist before topdressing.

In times of drought, frequent watering should be maintained. Scouting and spraying should be carried out often to help identify and control disease early.

Match insecticide is used to control Diamond black moths and other pests. Redomil Gold is used here again to prevent any fungal disease like Powderly mildew. Read Also: how to farm spinach successfully


Topdressing is also done with NPK fertilizer 17.17.17 at 45 days after transplanting can help with the head formation and expansion.

Maintain the field clean of weeds as they host pests.

How long does broccoli take to grow?

Broccoli often takes 4-5 months depending on management and variety.

Which month is best to grow broccoli?

For high prices, plant broccoli in dry seasons using irrigation. The supply is often low pushing prices high.

How many heads of broccoli per acre?

Every broccoli plant produces one head.  An acre can carry at least fifteen thousand heads. On harvesting, one head can way up to two kilos.

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