number of cabbages that can grow in an acre

Number of cabbages that can grow in an acre successfully

Profit in cabbage farming depends on the number of heads harvested and their respective weight.

The cabbage size and weight of cabbage depend on the available market.

The mass market mostly prefers medium-sized cabbages while tender markets like institutions such as schools and hospitals prefer big heavy cabbages.

Size and weight usually vary with, variety, spacing, feeding and watering.

The correct number of cabbages that can grow in an acre is 10,000-12,000 seeds depending on spacing.

The best spacing for planting cabbages;

  1. 60 by 60cm  
  2. 60cm by 50cm
  3. 50cm by 50cm

Wider spacing such as 60cm by 60cm enhances leaf expansion ending up producing big cabbages weighing over 3kgs. This spacing in an acre can hold 10,000 heads. It is the best for most hybrid cabbages such as kilimo f1 and kiboko f1.

cost of cabbage farming in Kenya
One-month-old cabbages

Squeezed spacing such as 50cm by 50cm or less produces small cabbages as cabbages lack room for expansion.

This spacing can hold up to 12000 heads per acre. It is good for open-pollinated varieties such as Copenhagen cabbage.

How long do cabbages take to grow

Cabbages often take 75-120 days to grow. How fast it grows also depends on variety, feeding and watering.

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The major requirements of cabbage farming

  1. Identify ready market
  2. Farm with Fertile loam or sandy loam soils
  3. Enough farmyard manure for planting
  4. Hybrid cabbage seeds/seedlings with high tolerance to black rot
  5. DAP, NPK and CAN fertilizers for topdressing (150kg per acre)
  6. Insecticides (Match/Emmaron 30sc) to control Diamondback moth
  7. Fungicides (copper-based) to prevent and control black rot
  8. Water for irrigation in dry seasons.

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The best number of cabbages that can grow in an acre is 10000-12,000. these cabbages often take 75-120 days to grow depending on variety.

Having a ready market, planting on loam fertile soil, using the best hybrid seeds, topdressing with DAP, NPK and CAN, controlling pests and diseases and sufficient watering in the dry season are the major requirements of cabbage farming.

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