Avoid losses, here are the best crops to farm in Nyandarua county with high profit

Best crops to farm in Nyandarua county with high profit

Farmers for a long time have been in a great dilemma on what to produce cheaply and at high quality in their respective counties. In most cases, farmers tend to copy what their neighbours are producing with hopes it may do well.

Nyandarua County is one of the major food baskets in Kenya, especially in the production of most vegetables consumed in the country mostly potatoes. This is due to fertile soils of forest origin rich in organic matter and fertility.

Where farmers get it wrong!

However, after many years of cultivation, the soils have become acidic and infertile. This has led to declining in production, especially where there is no supplementation with organic manure and synthetic fertilizers.

Most farmers in Nyandarua practice mixed farming with no specializations. Common crops farmed include potato, tomato, garden peas, beans, carrots, cabbages, coffee, macadamia, and carrots.

Though the soil supports the growth of all these crops, the cold chilly weather experienced in most parts of the year suppresses most of these crops leading to total failure and losses. Can a farmer specialize in crops that withstand the chilly weather?

What are the best crops to farm in Nyandarua County?

Though all crops can grow in this region most are limited by the cold chilly weather.

Maize and cereals

Maize is the most farmed and consumed cereal in Kenya. It is either farmed for human or animal consumption. Farmers here have small land sizes; therefore, to get high returns, you must do high-value crops with less than three months’ maturity.

Maize in this case is not a high-value variety.

If farmed, tend to have stunted growth with delayed maturity and poor yield regardless of the variety.

This is because of the chilly and cold weather. Maize like other cereals yields more in hot and wet climates with fertile soil. Therefore despite the good agricultural soils, the weather inhibits productivity and good yields.

The sad thing is that farmers continue planting making losses in yields season after season. This is similar to beans, avocados, macadamia, wheat, barley, and watermelons.

cabbage farming in kenya
Cabbages farming

The cost of Pest control and disease management accounts for over 30% of the total cost of production. Nyandarua County is suitable for most vegetables but not all. Garden Peas, carrots, potatoes and cabbages are the best crops with minimal management costs against fungal diseases caused by chilly weather.

Onions, tomatoes and capsicums farming although supported by the fertile soils in the Nyandarua region, the cost of diseases and pest management is extremely high which makes it unprofitable.

Dairy farming

The demand for milk is on the rise as milk processors rush to acquire the scarce white gold. Finally, the farmer can enjoy as the forces of demand and supply push prices high.

The farmer is at liberty to decide who to sell his milk to depending on the price. For a dairy cow to produce a high yield of milk; it requires feeding on high-quality fodder which is not a challenge in the Nyandarua region as it experiences rain most part of the year while other regions are dry.

When it’s dry, Farmer’s al supplement their dairy feeding ratios with readily available vegetable residues which also increase milk productivity. This is an advantage which Nyandarua farmers have over farmers in other counties.

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Here’s what to farm

To conclude, Nyandarua farmers should specialize in crops/enterprises that have high productivity at a low cost. These include; garden peas, carrots, cabbages, coffee and potato and dairy farming. These crops can be planted on the land with failing enterprises/yields and returns are used to outsource crops that don’t do well.

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