crops to avoid this rainy season

Find out which crops to avoid this rainy season

A wise commercial farmer knows what crops to plant when for high returns and profit. However, it is hard for many farmers to decide what farm especially when the market needs everything.

Traders always request what is scarce in the market currently. This often misleads some farmers as farm product prices are volatile and change with market supply.

Therefore as a farmer, before deciding to plant any crop, consider whether the prices will be the same or high during harvesting. In most cases, the prices are way below the production cost leaving farmers in losses.

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In seasons of good rains like the one we have currently, most farmers can produce all the crops cheaply, increasing market supply and lowering production costs.

The following are crops that flood the market easily in times of heavy rains.

Indigenous vegetables

Though they are consumed by many, their ability to grow naturally in most farms lowers their demand and hence prices. Vegetables like murenda, terere and managu have high prices only in the dry season.

Kales, spinach and cabbages
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Kales farm

When indigenous vegetables are in plenty, the prices of cabbages, kale and spinach fall due to low demand. High market supply and availability lowers prices to below ten Kenya shillings.

Other crops whose prices are likely to fall include capsicums,peas and potatoes.

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