How farmworx started

How we started – the painful birth of farmworx

Farmworx commenced operations in 2016 and attained official registration in 2020. The initiative originated within a greenhouse at the University of Eldoret School of Agriculture with the primary objective of cultivating greens to augment our financial resources.

In 2017, a large-scale endeavour involving 10,000 heads of cabbages ended in failure due to their vulnerability to black rot, a factor unbeknownst to us at the time, resulting in a substantial financial setback. Seeking guidance,

I consulted with Dr. Francis Mwaura, the head of the Department of Agricultural Economics at the University of Eldoret. His counsel emphasized acquiring a comprehensive understanding of professional farming practices, discerning operational efficacy, and cultivating practical knowledge.

Under Dr. Mwaura’s mentorship, an intensive seven-month program ensued, encompassing rigorous early-morning and late-night agricultural study.

This educational journey encompassed comprehensive insights into large-scale dairy farming, poultry farming, piggery, crop care, and management, unveiling the intricacies of agricultural operations and administration.

Subsequently, we endeavoured to disseminate this practical knowledge, consequently witnessing a surge in the number of farmers seeking guidance, from a single farmer to over 10000 to date.

In our pursuit of imparting practical knowledge, we have conducted in excess of 1000 trials to ascertain effective agricultural methodologies.